Launch checklist

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Launch checklist


Very much work in progress.

🔒 Security

Change admin password to unique and save to vault
Turn on Activity log
Turn on Limit logins (remove show credit options from settings)
Turn on Hide login (change default url to /hallinta/)

Make sure all visible url slugs have working archive template (even not in menus like /news/ etc)


Wordpress - Settings: change site title + description
Homepage SEO - Replace “Frontpage” with key sentence
Add avatar (wp-admin - appearance - customize, 512 x 512px png)
SEO: turn off unused categories / post types from indexing
SEO: remove word “Archive” from any archive titles
SEO: Add facebook default share image and organisation name

Add Recaptcha to wpcf7 (integrations). Make sure contact form scripts are turned on with pages using forms.
  • whitelist main domain, wpe domain, dev domains and local domain

🧑‍🚀 Performance

Turn on wp-rocket caches + lazy load + preloading (all)
  • Preload heading font
  • If using typeforms, exclude their js file or any other critical files
Advanced rules should have cookielawinfo cookies excluded by default
  • Test everything (forms etc)

🚀 Liftoff

Check js console is error free
Run pagespeed scan and fix low hanging fruits (large pngs etc change to webp with https://squoosh.app/)
  • If not 90+ score (both laptop & mobile) ping nh@client.fi to rescue

Turn on auto updates to all plugins

Run cookie scan (create new account at cookieyes)
  • Merge cookies found
  • Check cookie and privacy pages have correct company details

Connect domain
  • Use WPE advanced network
  • S&R database
  • Revoke SSL
  • Test

Connect Analytics
  • Turn on anonymise IP addresses
  • Add Measurement Protocol API Secret