Updating Wordpress or Plugins

If you have our hosting + care packages, updates should be covered by our support team.

We make sure all the updates are done automatically. However, there can sometimes be pending updates that we’re still waiting for new version release (if for example, compatibility issues with a new wordpress version or so).

If you’re dealing updates manually yourself, please keep your site up to date! We still do recommend a manual check up by our support team, annually.

Adding new plugins

We do not recommend adding new plugins without checking from us first. Using unsupported plugins can break your warranty. We only recommend using professional plugins that are actively developed and thus guarantee security and future compatibility.

But if you’re comfortable with this, there are basically nothing stopping you from doing this. Our hosting also monitors plugins for known vulnerabilities to reduce risks from doing so. We still recommend checking up with our support team. We have tested and code reviewed hundreds of different plugins and might know a thing or two