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We’ve been witnessing horrible and inhuman war crimes in Ukraine by President Putin’s regime. We’ve decided to block all our websites from Russia (and Belarus) until the time being and hope our Clients and other companies follow our lead. We’ll gather geo redirect instructions and options here. If you need more or want to contribute, please contact us.

Website with a friendly coup message

Here’s a simple page that you can use and redirect traffic to:

Redirect traffic in Wordpress

Install a redirect plugin:


Setup country redirection for Russia (Ru) and Belarus (BY) to blockrussia.org or to your own support page.

Redirect using Cloudflare workers

Working on it. Not tested.

 * A map of the URLs to redirect to
 * @param {Object} countryMap
const countryMap = {
  RU: 'https://blockrussia.org',
  BY: 'https://blockrussia.org',

 * Returns a redirect determined by the country code
 * @param {Request} request
function redirect(request) {
  // Use the cf object to obtain the country of the request
  // more on the cf object: https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/runtime-apis/request#incomingrequestcfproperties
  const country = request.cf.country;

  if (country != null && country in countryMap) {
    const url = countryMap[country];
    return Response.redirect(url);
  } else {
    return fetch(request);

addEventListener('fetch', event => {


We have many Russian friends and never mean to discriminate against people instead it is the government that is ultimately responsible. But we want to encourage everyone to take urgent action and demand change in Russia and peace in Ukraine.